Adding value in towns with children and families

There is nothing that a parent wants more than to bring up their child in a healthy home. Sometimes that is hard to do when the local governments of a countries do not provide for their people the basic needs.

That is when we try to help and bring supplies and requests to the parents forefront. There is a great deal of support that goes on and we try to help even with specific requests.

Particularity speaking, there was a mother that had requested from us that she needed a bassinet for her baby. So we asked around the area and found a man that owned a baby supplies store. We are asked the man if he had an cribs or bassinets that we could get from him.

He showed us a range of the best bassinets he had and told that he didn’t have cribs in his store. We enthusiastically accept and took the bassinet to the mother in need.

Let us tell you, that we have never seen a mother so happy to receive a gift from us. She thanked us and said we are angels from above. Further down the road she point out that the was other toddlers in need of assistance too.

We directed there parents to the store and they also helped themselves at the expense of us.

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